The Institute of Maritime & Economic Studies ( ) was established in London at March of 2011 as an International Shipping Think Tank, specialized in the Maritime Economic sector. Today almost 3 years later, the IMES has more than 2700 social members,( all Ship-owners or executive employees in the Shipping Industry ) and is being governed by a 10 members Steering committee and the 7 Heads members of the Advisory board.

IMES produces High confidential Intelligence Reports, working and cooperating with Embassies, Diplomatic offices, Universities and Institutions in 12countries in all over the world.  During those 3 Years the IMES has chosen to provide only the 20% of its Intelligence reviews to the public, since the majority of the studies and reports was addressed only to the MEMBERS and to the Institutions or “clients” that had ordered this kind of research as well.

As members the IMES CLUB can accept every individual that acts, works, study, teaches, guides, doing Business, or is involved with some way with any of the following topics : Maritime Economics, Maritime Finance , Maritime Law, Investment Banking, Maritime Education, Maritime Analysis, Maritime Operations, Maritime Management.